Bamboo Blade Wiki
Japanese Name: 吉河
Romanized Name: Yoshikawa
English Name: Yoshikawa
First Appearance: Episode 12
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Teacher
Japanese VA: Hinako Sasaki
English VA: Stephanie Young

Yoshikawa is Satori Azuma’s homeroom teacher.


Yoshikawa is a kind young woman who cares for her students. At first she is unsure if Azuma will be able to handle both kendo and school work, but luckily her worries are for naught. She is very knowledgeable on video games and is very skilled at them, though she tries to hide it since she doesn’t want to seem unprofessional.

At the end of the anime series it is revealed that she had been dating Kenzaburō Ishibashi and is now married to him, as well as carrying his child.