• Tamaki Kawazoe is in deep love with Yuuji and she feels empty without him by her side so she does her best not to lose him especially when her Dad becomes less understanding and more weary of the young boy.
  • Tamaki's elder brother is Asuna (not seen in the "anime" series) he is supposingaly protective of his younger sister yet has exeptance towards Yuuji who he entrusts to take good care of her.
  • Her mother has passed away whilst she was still young.
  • Some facts may not appeal to the anime.
  • I am Asuna!!!
  • Tamaki's Great Granda was proven to not be Hitler and has passed away on the Titanic whist her Grandma was through the process of being born.
  • Tamaki has a free subcription to and 6 Sex affender websites.
  • She has 3 friends listed on Facebook and is awaiting a responce from a forth.
  • Her Great Grandmother has been arrested for serious drug abuse and was on death row.
  • She also has a long lost borther called Cody Hida from Digimon, who also likes Kendo.
  • There has been rumors of a new series based on high school life to come out about Blade Bravers proposal to Tamaki and her tougth decision between Yuji and Red Braver.
  • She also has revealed she has six toes on her left foot.
  • Tamaki has on many occassions claimed that she invented the question mark.
  • Apparently Yuji has given her AIDS yet not to be reassured if true or not.
  • She has also revealed to have lived in a box for the first 10 years of her life.
  • Currently Tamaki is waiting trial for her very serious Alcohol and drug abuse, not to mention the bestialatly charges.(The Trials is on 31/01/11, ironically on the same date Bamboo Blade part 2 is released in the UK.)