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Tadaaki Hayashi
Japanese Name: 林 忠明
Romanized Name: Hayashi Tadaaki
English Name: Tadaaki Hayashi
First Appearance: Episode 12
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Kendo Coack
Japanese VA: Shinji Ogawa
English VA: Greg Dulcie

Tadaaki is the coach for the Seimei High School kendo team.


Tadaaki is a very strict teacher who will verbally and physically punish a student if they lose a match. Due to his tough and intimidating methods of training, he tends to scare students off the team. Despite this he does not feel any remorse for them quitting; he believes that if they cannot handle it, then they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

However, he begins to change after the practice with Muroe High. He begins to realize that he had been sapping the fun out of kendo for the students and had made it seem almost like a chore. Inspired by Muroe High’s team and coach, he goes easier on the students and encourages fun.


When Tadaaki was young he was a weak and small child, so he was often beat up by others. His father wanted him to be stronger and forced him into kendo. At first Tadaaki hated it and wanted to quit, but when he learned how much kendo equipment cost, he decided that he should work hard after all the money his poor family spent. He committed to kendo and soon began to improve even though it felt like a chore. Sometime after he found out that the equipment was actually a handmedown, meaning that his father hadn’t spent any money on it at all. By that point, though, he was already skilled and he decided to keep going.