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Shinobu Toyama
Japanese Name: 外山 忍
Romanized Name: Toyama Shinobu
English Name: Shinobu Toyama
First Appearance: Episode 26
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Chiwa Saitō
English VA: Kayla Carlyle

Shinobu is a new first-year at Muroe High that appears at the end of the anime series. She is also the younger sister of Toyama.


Shinobu is a rather impatient girl who gets irritated easily. Though incredibly stubborn and initially not wanting to join, she does allow her friend Makoto Iwasa to lead her to the kendo club. She can be hard to please and quick to judge, leaving Makoto to calm her down when she’s angered. Despite all this, her attitude seems to be far better than her brother’s, as she is more willing to give people chances.


  • Her gear is Toyama’s old gear.