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Mei Ogawa
Japanese Name: 小川 芽衣
Romanized Name: Ogawa Mei
English Name: Mei Ogawa
First Appearance: Episode 12
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Kaori Nazuka
English VA: Brittney Karbowski

Mei is a first-year on the Seimei High kendo team. 


Originally she joined the kendo team to have fun with her friends. However, all of them quit due to Tadaaki Hayashi’s harsh methods, leaving her as the last female first-year. She becomes very uncertain of herself and has no confidence in her own skills. Since she is also afraid of being reprimanded by Tadaaki, she had decided to quit after the practice with Muroe High, but changed her mind after practicing with Tamaki Kawazoe. Mei was inspired by Tamaki’s skill and realized how fun kendo could be, so she resolves herself to staying in the club and working harder.

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