Bamboo Blade Wiki
Japanese Name: 小西
Romanized Name: Konishi
English Name: Konishi
First Appearance: Episode 16
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Yū Asakawa
English VA: Larissa Wolcott

Konishi is the leader and supposed captain of the Tozyo High kendo team.


At first she appears to be a mysterious and calm girl. However, there are many rumors surrounding her about cheating, since her opponents are often injured or incapable of fighting right before the match. Konishi seems not to care about these rumors and is even somewhat friendly to Tamaki Kawazoe before their match, but it becomes quickly apparent that it is all just an act when she purposefully causes the younger girl to sprain her ankle. A group of three girls loyally follow Konishi and support her through cheating, such as putting tacks in peoples’ shoes or stealing equipment. Konishi couldn’t care less about them or anything else; all that matters to her is winning.

However, this all changes when she is beaten by Tamaki. She becomes extremely unsettled and disturbed by the loss. In the last episode she seems to have collected herself and cut her hair. She is seen scolding her classmates, presumably for cheating, which implies that she may have changed her ways.