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Konatsu Harada
Japanese Name: 原田 小夏
Romanized Name: Harada Konatsu
English Name: Konatsu Harada
First Appearance: Episode 5
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Kei Shindō
English VA: Jad Saxton

Konatsu is a third-year student on the Machido High kendo team.


Though quiet by nature, Konatsu is a friendly individual and kind to a fault. She is very aware of how odd or irresponsible the actions of her other teammates and teacher are, causing her to become flustered at times. Sometimes she will attempt to ask her team to get along, although she is usually ignored. With kendo she is self-motivated and goes to practice every day. She is also one of the strongest on her team.