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Kirino Chiba
Japanese Name: 千葉 紀梨乃
Romanized Name: Chiba Kirino
English Name: Kirino Chiba
First Appearance: Episode 1
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student, Kendo Club Captain
Japanese VA: Megumi Toyoguchi
English VA: Luci Christian

Kirino is a second-year at Muroe High and captain of the kendo club.


Described as being the heart of the group, Kirino is a bubbly and energetic girl. She is intelligent and in the top twenty of her class. No matter how terrible a situation is she will find a bright side. She always does her best to keep everyone on the team motivated and happy. However, if she is suffering, she will hide it from others and keep up a brave face, something that Sayako Kuwahara scolds her about.

She is extremely dedicated to the kendo team and is shown to be very responsible, often cleaning up after other members and checking on everyone’s progress. While she is talented at kendo, her focus can wane due to her feeling the need to think about and care for everyone else. Only when she has one specific thing to work for, such as doing her best for her mother in the hospital, can she completely concentrate.

Since Kirino is so friendly and outgoing, all the members of her team enjoy being around her. She becomes attached to all of her friends and will do anything for them. She is closest to Sayako, who she is seen most often with and has known the longest. Similar to how Kirino can understand Sayako’s moods, Sayako is the first to figure out when something is wrong with Kirino.


  • Kirino has one younger brother and one younger sister.
  • She is very good at sewing and has made multiple crafts throughout the series.