Bamboo Blade Wiki
Japanese Name: 岩佐
Romanized Name: Iwasa
English Name: Iwasa
First Appearance: Episode 1
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Yūichi Ishigami
English VA: Cris George

Iwasa is Toyama’s friend and a member of the kendo club, although he always ditches practice with Toyama. They are known as delinquents and bullies around the school.


Iwasa is always seen at Toyama’s side and is extremely loyal to him. He supports him and will immediately defend him when someone wrongs him. They both hold a disdain for freshmen, though Iwasa less so. If he believes that Toyama is going too far he will speak up, but rarely will the other listen, and so he can only follow. It is shown that Iwasa is much more willing to talk casually with the kendo club members, such as when he revealed to Yūji Nakata that, despite skipping practices, both he and Toyama do still like kendo.

While they both are fond of kendo, they end up quitting near the end of the anime series and take up soccer instead.  


  • Iwasa is never seen actually holding a shinai in the anime, instead choosing to watch from the sidelines.