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"Kojiro and the Crossroads of Fate"
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Japanese Information
Kanji コジローと運命の分岐点
Romaji Kojirō to Unmei no Bunkiten
Airdate November 27, 2007
Season 1 Volume ?
English Information - Funimation
Title "Kojiro and the Crossroads of Fate"
Season 1 Part 1
Opening "Bamboo Beat" Ending "Star Rise"

"Kojiro and the Crossroads of Fate" is the ninth episode of the Bamboo Blade anime. It was broadcast in Japan on November 27, 2007.

Short Summary[]

Tamaki nears the end of her part time-job filling in for Miyako, while the other club member are practicing at the kendo dojo. Tamaki's father still ponders if Tamaki will buy him a gift for his birthday. Toraji has bad luck when he goes shopping for food. He encounters a woman, also shopping for food, who causes him to lose his temper. This leads to him to the possibility of being unemployed at the kendo dojo. The only way to prevent unemployment is to improve the skills of the kendo club members and compete in the upcoming tournament. At Tamaki last time at her part-job, a mysterious customer arrives.