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"Sushi and Mince Meat Cutlets"
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Japanese Information
Kanji 寿司とメンチカツ
Romaji Sushi to Menchikatsu
Airdate November 13, 2007
Season 1 Volume ?
English Information - Funimation
Title "Sushi and Mince Meat Cutlets"
Season 1 Part 1
Opening "Bamboo Beat" Ending "Star Rise"

"Sushi and Mince Meat Cutlets" is the seventh episode of the Bamboo Blade anime. It was broadcast in Japan on November 13, 2007.

Short Summary[]

This episode picks up at the end of the previous one, starting with Ishibashi revealing that he knew the fifth fighter, Bureiba, was actually Tamaki. His challenge to Tamaki is accepted and so their match starts. Ishibashi goes all out on Tamaki, and they both score a point, but in the third round, Ishibashi starts out in upper-level posture, rather than the normal middle-level posture. This forces Tamaki to have a flashback of her mother in the same position. Ishibashi leaves the match as a tie, and then goes out to a sushi dinner with Toraji. However, this is when Toraji finds out that Ishibashi's father has given his restaurant away, making their bet void.