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"Lies and Silence"
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Japanese Information
Kanji 嘘と沈黙
Romaji Uso to Chinmoku
Airdate March 12, 2008
Season 1 Volume ?
English Information - Funimation
Title "Lies and Silence"
Season 1 Part 2
Opening "Bamboo Beat" Ending "Star Rise"

"Lies and Silence" is the twenty-third episode of the Bamboo Blade anime. It was broadcast in Japan on March 12, 2008.

Short Summary[]

The principal of the school tells Toraji that the Muroe High kendo club will be disbanded because of club members engaging in suspicious or risky activities. It turns to be Toyama and Iwasa's fault. They, ironically, have stopped attending Muroe High kendo club but have not turned in any resignation forms. Kirino and Sayako are distraught when Toraji reveals the news to them, and they protest the principal's decision, calling it unfair. Meanwhile, Miyako has an emotional breakdown over her failure in the competition and, surprisingly, refuses Eiga's comfort. Tamaki, also unhappy over losing the competition, quits the Muroe High kendo club, much to Kirino's dismay.