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"Winners and Losers"
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Japanese Information
Kanji 敗者と勝者
Romaji Haisha to Shousha
Airdate March 5, 2008
Season 1 Volume ?
English Information - Funimation
Title "Winners and Losers"
Season 1 Part 2
Opening "Bamboo Beat" Ending "Star Rise"

"Winners and Losers" is the twenty-second episode of the Bamboo Blade anime. It was broadcast in Japan on March 5, 2008.

Short Summary[]

The Muroe High kendo club goes to the Kanto High kendo tournament. Miyako shows her improvement in practice, but fails to defeat Carrie in the tournament. The Muroe High kendo club makes it to the third round, where Tamaki is finally defeated by Rin, and Muroe is pushed out of the tournament. Meanwhile, Toyama and Iwasa, two former members of the Muroe High kendo club, are caught fighting in a video game arcade and destroying two machines.