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"Miyako Miyazaki's Melancholy and the First Tournament"
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Japanese Information
Kanji 宮崎都の憂鬱と初大会
Romaji Miyazaki Miyako no Yūutsu to Hajitaikai
Airdate December 4, 2007
Season 1 Volume ?
English Information - Funimation
Title "Miyako Miyazaki's Melancholy and the First Tournament"
Season 1 Part 1
Opening "Bamboo Beat" Ending "Star Rise"

"Miyako Miyazaki's Melancholy and the First Tournament" is the tenth episode of the Bamboo Blade anime. It was broadcast in Japan on December 4, 2007.

Short Summary[]

Toraji meets with his parents, and helps his mom working at a store. He receives his paycheck. Tamaki finishes up her job and receives her paycheck as well. The Muroe High kendo club enters the high school tournament. Only Tamaki did well enough to win. Miyako meets her middle school classmate, Reimi Otajima, who has a crush on her. Reimi is the customer that Tamaki met. Miyako as such became troubled and couldn't concentrate on her match. It was revealed that Reimi used to harass Miyako when they were in middle school. The episode ends off with Toraji discussing about a fifth member with Kirino.