Danjūrō Eiga
Japanese Name: 栄花 段十朗
Romanized Name: Eiga Danjūrō
English Name: Danjūrō Eiga
First Appearance: Episode 1
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Akira Ishida
English VA: Sean Michael Teague

Danjūrō, also known as Dan-kun and Danny (pronounced Donny), is a first year of the Muroe High kendo club. His girlfriend, much to everyone’s surprise, is the beautiful Miyako Miyazaki. At the start of the series he is an untrained beginner, but by the end of the anime he becomes the new team captain.

Personality Edit

Despite his appearance making others think otherwise, he is an intelligent student who even scored 2nd place in the regional exams. He is perceptive, especially toward things happening in Miyako’s life. He can pick up on most skills quickly. At first he finds kendo boring due to all of the training, but after discovering that he has natural talent, he takes to it and soon improves to the point where Yūji Nakata believes that Danjūrō might surpass him. It is hinted that he also has a dark side similar to Miyako, since in Episode 11, when Kojirō insisted Miyako train despite having an injured foot, his eyes very briefly glowed a dark aura similar to his girlfriend’s dark side.

Danjūrō and Miyako are absolutely smitten with each other. They support each other in times of need and compliment each other frequently. They also call each other by various sappy nicknames, such as “sugar lumps” and “honey buns.” Danjūrō is the only person Miyako would never use her malicious aura on. Not once has their relationship wavered; they understand each other well, to the point where they know when the other needs space or support. He can also effectively calm her down when she is being riled up into her dark state.

Background Edit

In middle school Miyako acted much wilder, going so far as to beat up a guy who asked her out. However, when she met Danjūrō, she calmed down considerably.

Trivia Edit

  • Danjūrō is a very skilled artist, shown when he drew a detailed and accurate picture of Miyako.