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Carrie Nishikawa
Japanese Name: キャリー 西川
Romanized Name: Kaari Nishikawa
English Name: Carrie Nishikawa
First Appearance: Episode 19
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Sanae Kobayashi
English VA: Jamie Marchi

Carrie Nishikawa (西川 キャリー Nishikawa Kaari) is an anime only character. She is a foreigner from America who becomes the main rival of Miyako Miyazaki, as well as the first and only person in the series to use a two handed style (nito kendo).


Carrie is a loud and brash young woman who frequently uses expletives in her speech where her pushy attitude and confident, strong demeanor often scare others. Although she speaks Japanese fluently, she blurts out various English words whenever she is excited.

When she first sees Danjūrō Eiga she is instantly smitten by him since he looks like her pet armadillo named Anderson. This leads to a rivalry between her and Miyako Miyazaki and, although Carrie quickly accepts that Dan wants to be with Miyako, she continues to enjoy competition with Miyako.


Carrie grew up in America where she watched a samurai movie on television. She was inspired by how cool the samurais looked wielding two swords, so she decided to teach herself how to do a two handed style. Despite the fact that the two handed style is illegal in official tournaments, she still uses it in unofficial matches, as she claims that it is a part of her that she won’t give up.

Four years before the anime started, she moved to Japan.


  • Carrie's surname Nishikawa means "west" (西) (nishi) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).