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Hello and Welcome to the Bamboo Blade Encyclopedia, the Bamboo Blade Encyclopedia for the anime and manga Bamboo Blade that anyone can edit. If you wish to add any further information this this Wikia to make it better, please be my guest and feel free to. Please only information about the Anime and or Manga by Masahiro Totsuka and his most notable work, Bamboo Blade on the internet.

From all the editors here at the Bamboo Blade Encyclopedia, thank you for your contributions.

To all our special guests and other visitors please feel free to look around and take your time. However, if you should per chance find a problem or something similarly with what is presented in the site how it works, please kindly discuss with us over at our forum that discuss such problems. Please take into account that this wikia is free made by Random people, the same as you, and we would be more than willing to hear your complaints in order to make a better wikia.

Note to all editors; though the Anime of Bamboo Blade is currently finished but the Manga is still ongoing, remember not to spoil much but to just go into short details of that chapter. All information added before the chapter is released will be removed. Please be patient, remember the rules and wait for the chapter to be released, thus confirming ALL facts and details spoilers occasionally leave out.

Reminder to ALL Editors; Don't steal text or images directly from other Bamboo Blade fan sites!

Polling has been approved earlier then the time given for use on the site due to the no. of voters. Thanks for all who help test the polls were working! However, we would appreciate it if editors informed us if something is wrong ASAP.


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